Saturday, October 14, 2006

Terra - The Boy - Rafael Branciforti

Hey everyone,
Let me introduce an excellent photographer that any fan of men and men's bodies should know about. Cristiano is from Brazil and does photoshoots of fit men for the entertainment and culture website Terra... he has shown quite a bit of interest in photographing his models' feet - close up! Its so refreshing to see a photographer taking an interest in the bare foot - its so often only an incidental part of a photograph.

Cristiano seems to have a particular obsession with gorgeous model Rafael Branciforti's feet - photographing them close up numerous times in the photoshoot - and no wonder, Rafael has maybe the sexiest toes I've ever seen in my life:

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Baros Bare-Chested

Hot, hot hot!! A well-taken care of, shaved chest! This guy is very proud of his own physique and so aware of his rough, animalistic beauty!

Baros' Post-Training Barefootedness

He always seems to be taking his shoes off and picking at his feet after practice... poor thing... it must be cos he's injured... then again, he might also want to feel the grass tickle his toes... probably a combination of both.

Milan Barefoot at Home

Now imagine going to a photoshoot at a hot football player's house and being greeted by his bare feet! This is exactly the pleasant surprise that Czech magazine reporters got when they went to shoot some photos of Milan at his house... If ANYONE can find the large scans of these, that would be amazing... is anybody here Czech?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Milan's Sexy Feet in Photoshoots

Just look at how well-shaped his toes are!! No wonder photographers want his shoes and socks off... Also, in the pic where he's nibbling at the girl's ear, you can really see what beautiful high arches he has. What elegant feet!

Milan Baros in Sandals

Another definite sign of a man who is comfortable with his feet is sandal-wearing and Milan is no exception. We can see him in slides, typical looking thong sandals as well as more trendy
designer type white thongs. He is totally metro and seems to love having his feet exposed!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Milan Baros

Hi everybody! This week I'm presenting the very attractive Czech football star Milan Baros. Clearly - a guy who doesnt even have a shred of shyness about his feet - and who can blame him - they are very sexy. The soles look very smooth and well-taken care of, only some mild callousing on the heel of his left foot and underneath the big toe.. as you can see in the picture at the bottom. This series of fotos was actually an assignment to photograph Milan's feet. This is probably because he is having some injury trouble right now (for which we wish him all the best). Nevertheless, Milan seems to enjoy showing off his feet, just look at the smile on his face as he takes his sock off! Notice also the cute shape of his toes.. the two smallest ones are sort of "tucked in" as with a lot of people who wear shoes frequently, but his feet still look amazingly well shaped...